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Herbal Medicine To use or Not to use

Herbal medicine has been in the world from time immemorial, way before the advent of modern medicine. With the technological age coming and there being lots of change in modern medicine, there exists a section of medical practitioners, biologists and specialists in different fields who are against the use of herbal medicine sighting its inefficiency and incapability to compare to modern medicine. So, what is the big deal with herbal medicine and why would anyone dispel its worth in the medical field. Let us do a brief comparison of modern medicine and herbal medicine and try to conclude whether the 21st-century human should use herbal medicine in 2020.

Advantages of traditional medicine over modern medicine

1. Herbal medicine has had a longer lifeline than modern medicine

Let us face it, traditional medicine has been there probably before the advent of humanity. Though diseases change and mutate, it is undisputed that herbal medicine managed to fully sustain human life from time immemorial. Some of the medical plant species can be traced to millions of years back. So, even if you fully trust in modern medicine alone, you cannot dispute the weight that herbal medicine pulls in terms of age.

  1. Modern medicine is a product of herbal medicine

All modern medicine and techniques have routed from herbal medicine. Even the curative techniques and properties of modern medicine has been derived from the herbal medicine techniques observed over a long period. The modifications and improvements that are iterated on modern medicine is upon discoveries being made on the undiscovered properties of herbal medicine. Simply put, the entire genesis of modern-day medicine is simply from traditional medicine.

  1. Traditional medicine is nature’s way of healing itself

We all know that the entire world is self-sustaining. The sun in itself has nutritional value to the human body. Trees, soil, and even fresh air have such impactful healing properties that techniques for curing even modern-day diseases are directly linked to natural elements such as these. Nature has a way of providing healing properties to its occupants and especially, those who take care of it. Herbal medicine is therefore just a portion in an entire universe of healing properties that nature has willingly given back to us.

So, is herbal medicine bad? Definitely not! Is modern medicine bad? Totally not! The best way to get the best of both worlds is to fuse technology with nature to achieve the maximum healing properties for this very valuable aspect of human nature. Technology has even made things a whole lot easier as more research can be done and improvements can be made on herbal medicine to make it a more safe and effective way of treatment. Modern medics should not, in any way, disregard herbal medicine as barbaric as it is what kept our forefathers going. They should just ensure they fuse it with and in modern-day medicine to explore its wealth while taking advantage of all the technology modernism has brought.

One disadvantage, though, is that modernism is slowly disregarding nature. Deforestation and encroaching of natural spaces have made the availability of herbal medicine reduce drastically. It has become a toll order to access genuinely herbal medicine because of all the human interference with nature. It gets even worse with the desire of man to make quick bucks because they even try to mimic traditional medicine unsuccessfully which severely backfires on the users. If there is one thing we should always remember, we have one world to live in and if we disregard it, together with all the gifts that it has for us, then we are in essence disregarding ourselves.

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