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Guidelines for reducing cancer risks

Cancer is a disease caused by the malignant growth of cells in body parts. It remains to be one of the most dangerous diseases in the world that is affecting people of all ages. Although many factors cause cancer, experts have stated that it is possible to prevent between 30% to 50 % of cancer.

As clinical researchers continue with the efforts to find a cure for all cancers, here are some ways they have advised that can reduce the chances of suffering from cancer.

Eating healthy   

According to cancer research specialists, eating healthy is one of the leading ways of reducing the risks of suffering from cancer. For example, consider including fruits, vegetables and other natural food substances like grains. But avoid red meat substances and saturated fat products. Moreover, focus on using foods with fewer calories to reduce the chances of obesity. On the same note, it advisable to avoiddrinking alcohol and when you consume it ensure it is according to the permitted proportions. This is because excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to an increased probability of suffering from lung, breast, kidney and liver cancer.

The other product that people are advised to avoid using processed meat as the World Health Organization says that much consumption of processed foods can extend the risks of some cancers.

Pysical exercise

Besides, regular physical exercise to keep moderate weight and avoid obesity is said to be an ideal factor in reducing cancer risks as it lowers the chances of getting breast, lung and prostate cancer. People who take part in physical exercise improve their cardiovascular system. In one week, it is recommended to do exercise for at least 150 minutes with seventy-five minutes of aerobic activity or even more it is better.

Avoid tobbaco

Another way of reducing cancer risks is to abstain from using tobacco and excessive consumption of alcoholic products. Smoking has been associated with lung, throat, bladder, cervix and kidney cancer while alcohol is linked to higher risks of mouth(voice box cancer, colon and it has also been observed to lead to breast cancer in women. Statistics have also shown that chewing tobacco could lead to pancreas cancer. It is also healthy for people to avoid passive smoking from tobacco consumers since it can as well increase the chances of lung cancer. 

Although it might be difficult to quit smoking, seeking medical attention or admission to a rehabilitation center can be effective. Also, unnecessary exposure to sunlight is harmful. This is because the sun produces ultraviolet rays that cause radiation effects when exposed excessively on body parts.

Protection from industrial toxins and vacinnation 

The other thing that should be avoided is exposure to industrial toxins including asbestos aromatic amines, polychlorinated biphenyls and benzene.

Additionally, medics advise people to take vaccination or be treated in early stages when they suffer diseases that may cause cancer such as hepatitis viruses, HIV, and Human papillomavirus (HPV). Furthermore, it is advisable to practice safe sex with limited partners. This because when a person engages in sex with many partners he/ she increases the likelihood of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as human papillomavirus that have been found to cause various types of cancer. Medical experts call for the people to adopt preventive mechanisms to ensure we minimize cancer cases hence low deaths in the community. Avoiding the consumption of tobacco, eating a healthy and especially Mediterranean diet and remaining physically active are the major ways that have been proposed to counter the risks of suffering from cancer. The cancer experts also call for people to get regular medical checks to enable early diagnosis of cancer or any unusual malignant on body cells and start treatment early hence saving lives!

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