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Healthy habits that reduce bloating

Bloating occurs when the stomach is full of excess gases, liquids, and solids causing abdominal distension that makes the belly expand excessively and swell. It is very disgusting especially when you want to perform certain tasks or even sleep. Although various people recommend many ways of curbing bloating some techniques are not effective.

Here is what to do to stop boating and live healthily.

Avoid eating too much at a time

There are some people who like eating too much on lean occasions like parties and end up with bloated stomachs. In most cases, this happens because they eat too much food and in a short period ending up with a bloating discomfort. It is advisable to eat smaller amounts moderately until you become satisfied. Eating food too first can distort the functioning of the stomach as the digestive system cannot breakdown down enzymes effectively. Moreover, eating swiftly can cause inhaling excess gas that leads to bloat. Nutritionists call for chewing 30 times per bite to enable better break down before swallowing. Avoiding the consumption of gas-filled drinks using a straw can ensure people remain healthy. Straws are one of the main causes of bloating because it promotes swallowing of more air.

Add supplements and probiotics in the food

There are several food supplements that aid in eliminating bloating in the stomach by helping in the breakdown of heavy indigestible carbohydrates and proteins. They contain supplemental enzymes that accelerate the digestion. For example, lactase that helps in dissolving lactose and beano that quickens the breakdown of indigestible carbohydrates with the use of an alpha-galactosidase enzyme. Additionally, there is research that supports using probiotics supplements for the reason that they reduce gas creation during digestion. They enhance a friendly bacterial environment in the gut thus preventing any chances of gas release. However, they may perform differently depending on people and it is paramount to consult your doctor to rule out before using them. Also, adding inulin on drinks is an ideal solution as it improves digestion when converted into less fatty acids in the gut. Other probiotics that improve the functionality of gut bacteria to ease digestion include sauerkraut, greekyogurt among others.

Take enough water

The other habit of eliminating bloating is drinking enough hot water immediately after eating. Water plays an important role in flushing toxins out any toxins in the gut, therefore, easing digestion. Hot water is recommended since itrelieves constipation and calms digestion. Ginger can also help in removing excess air in the stomach and prevent stomach discomfort. Adding fresh ginger on water or in the tea leads to smooth digestion. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory antioxidant substances that aid in the breakdown of food. There are also other spices and herbs like turmeric, lemon, cayenne that reduce inflammation during digestion.

Limit salt

Furthermore, it is advisable to limit the consumption of sodium and process dairy products that have a high likelihood of causing inflammation and bloating on the stomach. According to gastroenterologists experts, processed foods that contain more than 500mg of sodium are supposed to be avoided together with sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are found in sweeteners such as chewing gum especially when taken in larger quantities. Sometimes bloating may become a regular episode even when you try several ways to avoid it and when this happens rule out seeking medical checkups for advanced treatment. Bloating is a condition when there are excessive solids, water, or gas in your digestive system. There are various ways of preventing bloating in the stomach and it is important to learn the foods that trigger bloating such as carbonated drinks, excessive proteins and fibers, and salt. When you notice the causes, it can be easy to control the consumption of those substances. Finally, trying to walk or highly physical exercise as well as eating slowly to reduce swelling of gas can reduce uncomfortable bloating experiences.

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