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Embarrassing things you should tell your doctor

It is normal for every human being to fall sick either once or severally in his/her lifetime. When this happens, we visit the hospital for medical examination and treatment. However, there are health problems that some people might tend to feel embarrassed to share with doctors or nurses due to fear of judgment but they should! 

So, what are some of the most humiliating things which patients fear to speak about? 

Excessive sweating

Although it is normal to sweat when doing exercise or even during hot seasons, in some instances, it can become abnormal. People might experience sweating on their feet that may lead to the release of odor smell. This could be a sign of a disease called hyperhidrosis or other related disorder in the body. For instance, some people try to shower more than three times a day and change clothes to curb the effects of increased sweating. When you face this, it is better to seek medical attention for evaluation and treatment. A 2018 research showed that 5 percent of people experience excess sweating that adversely impacts their lives but it is only a quarter of the number that tries to get help from doctors. There is no need to suffer silently because there is a medication for abnormal sweating that include botox, electro-therapy, and other topical creams. 

Bad Breath 

Bad breath can cause a lot of embarrassment to many people and prevent them from being productive in their work. While some people can stay without recognizing this condition others notice it from their close friends who discover their mouth odor. It is wise when a person suspects bad smell in his/her mouth to visit a dentist and speak out the problem so that relevant tests can be conducted and diagnosis of the cause. 

Staying for long without check-up could worsen health conditions since bad breath could be a symptom of kidney problems, lung cancer, or postnasal drip. Dentists advise practicing proper daily oral hygiene such as brushing after every meal, drinking water frequently, and flossing. But when the condition exacerbates, visiting and seeking medical help is the next step. Bad breath is caused by some foods including onions and garlic, tobacco products, gastroesophageal reflux disease, infections in your mouth, and other conditions like metabolic disorders.

Erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive

Both men and women can face sexual problems that are not only linked to physiological and emotional issues but medical roots. 

In men, erectile dysfunction can be a result of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, low testosterone, depression, metabolic syndrome among other related issues. Some could suffer from prolonged erectile than lasts for an approximate of four hours without stopping because of using excess libido-boosting drugs. This can be very painful when not checked early, it may lead to impotence that requires surgery.

But for women, lack of sex drive could be caused by hormonal changes and especially after menopause, infections such as ovarian cysts, fibrosis, and cervical cancer. Having low libido could cause unsatisfactory sex life that could harm relationships and marriages. 

Many health conditions can make people uncomfortable visiting doctors who share their problems. Nevertheless, no matter how embarrassing it could be, opening your problem to the medical officers is helpful as it helps in getting early treatment. Further, not one person who suffers from these health conditions, and doctors have seen many health problems. If only the hospital walls could speak they could tell much! So, people should not suffer in silence feeling ashamed of their problems but visiting clinics for check-ups would be the start of healing because it is their work and they are ready to help.

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