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Let’s talk about mental health and coronavirus

During a time like this, mental health can really take a toll on an individual. We live in a time and age where our brains are wired to be active almost 24 hours a day. So, how does an individual try to maintain sanity when they have been forced to quarantine and stay at home at a time when we need each other the most. It even gets harder for those who live alone to maintain their mental health at this time of the novel Coronavirus. Psychologists have broken down 5 things you can do at home during isolation and quarantine that can help you maintain your sanity.

  1. Keep in touch

We are social beings: that is just how we are created. Keep in touch with your loved ones. Technology has revolutionized the world making it a global village meaning you can facetime someone even in the extreme other end of the world. So, because of our desire to interact with others, and our expendability to loneliness if we do not, it is almost impossible to stay without keeping in touch with your loved one. This gets especially serious if you have mood swings or feelings of negativity, reach out to a loved one, and have a heartwarming conversation. This will keep you going.

  1. Seek professional help online

Again, technology has come to our rescue. There are very many psychiatrists who you can reach online in case you feel like you are having any form of mental health issue. It can get so hard sometime to just simply reach out for help, but it is the best thing to do at such a time as this. If you have previous mental health conditions, check in with your psychiatrist as scheduled to ensure you get the help at the right times. Ignoring professional help will send you on a downward spiral that might eventually be very fatal for both you and your loved ones.

  1. Maintain a positive mindset

If there is a time that can weigh you down, then this is it. The entire world has come to a standstill because of a microorganism not even visible to the human eye. Economies are collapsing, jobs are being lost and life is getting harder as every day goes by. It is, therefore, very easy to sink into a negative mindset considering whatever impact the disease has on you. But over and above all, we shall overcome. We always overcome! Things like this have happened in history but we have always come out victories. So, always keep a positive mindset. Avoid anything that could spiral your thinking into negativity.

  1. If you are sick, you will get well

Know that if you have been infected, eventually, all will be well. Medical care professionals all over the world are doing their best to manage the illness and get a vaccine or cure. If you are sick, know that all will actually be well. Just take care of yourself, visit a health facility, and avoid any form of exposure to help contain the disease. Very many people have healed from the disease and have gone on to continue with their lives. So, you shall also be well so long as you follow the guidelines stipulated.

Stay safe and stay home. Be careful in all that you do and take care of yourself. The world has been brought to a standstill but it will all soon end and become a distant memory that we will laugh about and treasure because of all the lessons we will have learned! If we all put in our little efforts, we shall collectively overcome.

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