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Health Benefits of Having a Massage

We have known it as a leisure pastime activity, but did you know that massages actually have proven health benefits? Other than the known pleasure that comes from a spa day, here are a few health benefits of having that massage day at least once every fortnight.

Massages are great pain relievers

Often, lower back pain comes with age, and sometimes it can spin out of control into very terrible forms of disability to an extent of losing one’s ability to walk. This is where massage therapy comes in. Massage therapy is the number one go-to solution for back pain. And it does not deal with back pain only, other regions of the body such as the neck, hip joints, shoulders, and knee among other body parts can also be sorted using massage therapy. Pain caused by other conditions such as cancer, arthritis, myalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trauma, injury, and headache can also be managed by trained massage therapists. So in essence, massages are some of the greatest painkillers ever.

Massages are a good stress reliever

Suicide has increased in the last quarter a century by a whopping 250%. This is the most stressed generation of all time. Massages help release hormones that generally make you happier. Also, massage therapy plays a very vital role in helping patients suffering from depression, especially the type that is related to severe pain and terminal illnesses. Such therapy helps these patients manage their pain as well as other symptoms which in turn boosts the patient’s overall well-being. So, before stress and depression overwhelms you, take some time off and go to your favorite spa. This will go a long way in relieving you of the stress that might be silently overwhelming you emotionally.

Massages generally improve quality of life, especially for old people.

Often, the older you get, the more prone to illnesses you are. But a research done by the American Massage Therapists Association (AMTA) reveals that very many illnesses can be prevented and managed (though not often cured) using good massage therapy. The negative effects of high blood pressure, dementia, osteoarthritis, and many other health issues can be addressed using good massage therapy, especially by trained professionals and specialists. The quality of life of many senior citizens can be drastically improved if we help them manage their lives using massage therapy.

There is better immunity for those actively involved in getting massages

Swedish massages, with a combination of other massage techniques, have been proven to drastically boost immunity. This technique has therefore been introduced into high disease-prone areas to help locals deal with increased infections of certain diseases. It simply works in this manner: the massage motivates the multiplication and reproduction of cells that fight off microorganisms, especially viruses. This in turn helps keep the infections at bays as well as managing infections already present in the system. It is very vital to note that this is not a substitute to taking medication.

Massages improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension

Professional athletes and everyday individuals know this massive health secret: massages improve your flexibility while reducing your muscular tension at the same time. Sports massages particularly help athletes with injuries drastically shortening the healing period and better their conditioning and performance. Other muscular health benefits of massage therapy include improving the flexibility of your muscles and their range of motion. This is mostly brought through the increased blood circulation brought about by massages.

I hope this convinces you to try out massage therapy as soon as possible. While you are still alive and having muscles all over your body, why not treat yourself to a day at the spa, at least once in a fortnight?

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