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The irritating sore throats

We all hate how devastating a sore throat can be. It disgusts and irritates us to our core so much that we feel like pulling it out of our throats some times. So what causes sore throats and how can you affordably manage it from home. It is very vital to note that if you get a chronic sore throat you seek your doctor’s advice first. Our suggestions are just for slight everyday throat irritations that do not persist. So, what causes these sore throats, and how do you effectively handle it from home? It is vital to remember that this is the Corona Virus season, and a sore throat is actually a major symptom of the illness. It is better, therefore, to currently avoid any treatments and alternatively work from home.


Allergens refers to substances which cause allergic reactions. They include pollen, certain foods, and chemicals in cosmetics and cleaning products.

Individuals with seasonal allergies often have lasting throat irritation during certain times of the year such as when there is a high pollen count.

Allergies also often cause a condition called postnasal drip, where excess mucus drains into the throat through the back of the nasal passage. This condition commonly leads to a raw sore throat that is quite persistent.

Postnasal drip is also triggered by reactions to certain medications, being infected by the cold and the flu, as well as certain weather conditions.

Allergies are a very common cause of persistent sore throats.


Of course, smoking is very dangerous to your throat. When you inhale hot, dry air together with the very toxic chemicals in tobacco, you irritate the tissues lining of your throat that are extremely sensitive. Individuals who are regular smokers often experience a sore throat that never goes away.

Smoking also opens up your body to other health conditions which cause sore throats, including respiratory tract infections as well as the cold and flu since the immune system is weakened by smoking. And of course, smoke increases an individual’s risk of throat cancer whose common symptom is an everlasting sore throat.

If a smoker (both active and passive) develops a sore throat that never goes away or one that is on and off, they should immediately seek medical advice. There exists help for anyone who wants to quit smoking so do not hesitate or hold back.

Air pollution

The atmosphere is saturated with pollutants. Smog and air pollution are common In larger cities, as well as places near industrial factories am power plants, smog and air pollution is extremely common. Inhaling smog or similar pollutants has almost the same health consequences to being an active smoker. It even gets worse if you inhale smog on hot days as this thoroughly damages your throat.

People who breathe in polluted air may experience a severe form of sore throat.

Viral and bacterial infections

If there is an outbreak of the cold or flu; the throat can experience pain for weeks even after the main infection goes down.

Though viral infections such as the colds and the flu are the most common cause of sore throats, they seldom get serious and quickly go away at their own time.

On the other hand, bacterial infections like strep throat could be the underlying issue. Antibiotics often treat bacterial infections but fail to treat infections the viruses cause. This might end up leaving you with a consistent sore throat that never seems to go away.

So, how do you manage sore throats from home? Here are a few simple remedies:

  • lozenges
  • saltwater gargle
  • over-the-counter (OTC) pain relief
  • sage spray (echinacea)
  • honey
  • antibiotics
  • hydration
  • humidifier

Remember, as it is often said, if symptoms persist, seek medical advice. And because special times call for special measures, if you suspect your sore throat my be COVID-related, then kindly go to the nearest health center with urgency and extreme caution.