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5 Exercises that will help tone every part of the body

Physical exercises are an effective way to reduce weight, keep you in shape, and improve health. There are so many types of exercises that people talk about and with these options, a person may not know which is the best choice. These 5 exercises will help in keeping fitness and transform your body if you practice them consistently.

Begin with taking a plank position. While the palms should be touching the floor, ensure the neck is neutral and the shoulders are pulled down. Keep the body tight and muscles balanced on the floor. Bend the elbows and start lowering the body towards the floor. When the chest touches it, move the elbows, and return to start. Maintain the elbows near the body during the pushups. Repeat this as many times as possible but the least recommended is between 15-20.

Lunges help achieve the body balance, as they strengthen the legs and the glutes. Lunges are one of the many types of exercises that makes the belly lose and lead to weight loss. If you want to try lunges, stand straight while keeping the feet shoulder-width apart. Put one leg forward and slowly bend the knee and thighs to face parallel to the ground. While extending the right leg, ensure the left leg is held firmly on the ground. When you finish the right leg, repeat the same process with the left and you can complete 10 sets.

Squats improve the lower body and increase strength and the flexibility of the legs. They are very effective in burning excess calories since they involve some of the largest body muscles. Begin by standing straight with the feet’s open while the hands on the sides.
Bend towards the ground as you push the knees as if you are sitting on a virtual chair. The next step is to keep the things parallel to the ground as you put the arms in front. It is essential to pause for a few seconds and extend the legs to repeat the process. The squats can be done at least twice or thrice per week.

Single-Leg Deadlifts
Single-leg deadlifts are advisable to the people who wish to enhance body balance and stability. Look for an appropriate dumbbell and begin this move. Start by standing upright with a dumbbell in your right hand as you bend the knees slightly to allow one leg to be suspended backward in the air. When you feel the hips are hinged in a comfortable position repeat this process with the other leg as you lower the dumbbell close to the ground. However, ensure the pelvis is maintained at a square position on the ground during the movement. Do not strain yourself when you are sweating due to the single-leg deadlifts and it is okay to relax for a few seconds to stretch and begin the initial exercise afresh.

Side planks
Side planks are suitable in strengthening ribs muscles and the upper body parts such as the shoulder. Lie on the ground with one side while the legs are stretching straight directly to each other. Move upwards and back towards the ground and ensure the hips touch the ground on a straight line. When you are done with one side of the arm and body repeat the exercise with the other side continuously, but you can stop to relax and then proceed until you reach your optimum.

Maintaining body fitness requires efforts and a combination of several exercises as well as eating a balanced diet. All the above-mentioned exercises are a sure way of keeping muscle strong, losing excess weight, and ensuring you remain in shape. Therefore, if you had fitness goals this year, it is not too late! Begin by buying sports clothes, equipment, and prepare a suitable location where the exercise will be conducted. When everything is ready, start exercising within a few minutes as the body gets used and you shall notice a difference.