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What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Many people today are not aware they have type 2 diabetes. Those who have it think they are alone. This type two diabetes is the most case in all types of diabetes accounting for almost ninety percent. It is mostly as a result of insulin resistance resulting in the body responding inappropriately to it. This makes the glucose in the body to keep rising and at the same time increase insulin in the body. In some victims who are affected by this type of diabetes result in their pancreas being exhausted which leads the body to release less and less insulin. This leads to an increase in blood sugar level which is referred to as hyperglycemia.
Older adults are affected by this type of diabetes, unfortunately, children and younger generations are affected by this type of diabetes. This may be to poor eating habits, lack of exercises and a high level of obesity. This means maintaining a good healthy weight, taking exercises and having a good diet you will be able to avoid and manage this diabetes. A doctor’s prescription is also good to control the victim’s level of glucose. Many factors are associated with this type of diabetes which are, overweight, lifestyle diet, physical inactivity, old age, ethnicity, poor nutrients of pregnant mothers, blood pressure, family history among others.
How can you tell you have this type two of Diabetes?
If you have blurred vision, you feel thirsty and having a dry mouth, lack of energy and feeling tired, urinating frequently, taking time to heal woods, skin infections and numbness on feet and hands could be early signs you may be having type two diabetes. It is good to note that these signs can be absent or just mild which may lead to many people living with diabetes without being diagnosed.
To manage this type two diabetes you need to avoid smoking, maintain a healthy weight, do regular exercises and eat a good diet. A healthy lifestyle is not sometimes a guarantee to keep the body glucose level in good control. Victims need to seek medication or a combination of both oral medicines with therapy treatment to control sugar levels. Insulin injections also play a crucial role when other prescriptions don’t work.
There are two types of medications that are used to control this type of diabetes. Metformin is one of them which helps the body to control and use its insulin effectively by preventing insulin resistance. It is the first medication recommended in the world. Sulfonylureas which is the second medication helps the pancreas to increase insulin production for controlling body sugar.
Prevention of this diabetes is just by changing our health style. Urbanization lifestyle contributes more to this diabetes. According to research, eighty percent of these cases can be prevented by taking a healthy diet and having physical exercises. A healthy lifestyle means taking fewer calories to control your weight, replacing industrial fats like butter, cream, and cheese with natural fats like vegetable and olive oils, nuts, and avocado. Avoiding drugs, smoking, and alcohol will help to live a healthy lifestyle. Taking fruits vegetables and grains also helps in prevention. Exercising like jogging, swimming, gym, and cycling helps to keep blood sugar level down and under control. It is always healthy to keep your body being active.
Some more complications which are dangerous are heart disease, kidney failures, damage of eyes due to blood pressure, miscarriage among pregnant women, hearing problems, brain damage which can lead to dementia.
It is advisable if you sense any signs of diabetes you seek medication early enough, keep checking your blood sugar, practice a good diet and have a personal doctor who you will trust with your check-up.