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Can diapers cause infertility in boys?

The baby diapers have been very popular with most parents using them to keep their babies dry and clean. Regardless of whether you are using disposable or cloth diapers, there have been unverified suggestions that diapers can adversely affect the baby’s reproductive system and especially a boy child which gives worries to many mothers.

Effects of diapers on babies

According to various studies, diapers have been confirmed to be suitable in ensuring the baby’s hygiene is maintained. However, if the relevant precautions are not followed when taking care of the baby, diapers can be a threat to only the kids’ health but also the parents and the environment. A report by the World Health Organization indicated that some diapers are manufactured with dioxin substances during bleaching that decreases the immune system of the baby, interfere with hormones, and can lead to some types of cancers when such disposable diapers mix with water or food in the environment.

Similarly, some babies’ skin is more sensitive than others and when the diapers are not changed regularly, they may cause skin rashes. The rashes occur due to the prolonged usage of wet diapers, which provide a friendly environment for bacteria and fungi to breed, hence affecting the babies’ skin. For some babies, the skin turns red because of persistent irritation by the moistened diapers. Besides, other babies can show symptoms of infections that are attributed to less circulation of air within the area covered by the diapers. The inadequate air supply occurs because of the diaper material that prevents the leakage of pee and stool.

Some babies suffer from different allergies such as eye and body irritation as a result of being exposed to diapers for long hours within a day. The allergic conditions are triggered by the use of synthetic dyes, fibers, and other chemical components during production which releases volatile organic compounds like toluene, and xylene. These organic compounds are responsible for allergic body reactions.

Moreover, environmental organizations and activists have argued that disposable diapers are a serious threat to the environment when they are discarded anyhow without appropriate measures and guidelines. These disposable diapers are produced with plastic materials, papers, and other chemical compounds and when they are dumped in the rivers and landfills, it turns to be hazardous for the people who consume that water.

Precautions to consider when using diapers

In the first place, it is necessary to check and change the diaper of the baby immediately between every two to three hours within a day. The parents should be observant when changing diapers and when abnormal changes such as marks on the skin are noticed on the baby he/ she should be checked to the hospital for medication and the next time a loose and big diaper should be used to cover him. Additionally, in an instance where the baby is developing some rashes, the effective decision is to try changing the brand of the diaper since some babies have proved to be affected by specific models. Note, when covering a boy, ensure the penis is placed downward position as it ensures it is free and prevents urine leaks flowing upwards on the waistline.

Diapers have become popular with most parents using them during the journeys, day and night to absorb the excrete and prevent dirtying the other near clothes within the environment. Despite the worries about their safety, most diapers have no side effects when used correctly. But for the few whose parents may have some doubts, changing brands, and properly washing the baby before changing another diaper can be helpful. Nevertheless, sometimes it is important to use cloth diapers that are known to have no side effects and sometimes keep the baby free from any diaper material to allow fresh air circulation.

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