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Main Corona Virus tips that Health specialists wish everyone to follow

As we discuss the vaccine distribution and accessibility, many people may ignore the COVID-19 measures advised by the World health organization. It does not matter if we have the vaccine available, everybody should continue to follow the virus preventive measures to prevent them from getting exposed to SARS-CoV-2 which is also referred to as a novel coronavirus. Abiding by these precautions can decrease the chances of spreading the virus and getting infected. With the world coronavirus cases still going up, like in the US having over 200000 death cases and a new virus variant in the UK which can spread more easily, here are some tips that physicians wish people could follow.

The main one is wearing a mask

Many governments have put in place laws mandating the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, mixed signals and misinformation about wearing a mask continue to spread. This is a threat to fight the virus. Wearing a mask can prevent the spread of the virus. Medical practitioners have been in the front line to clear this misinformation to get everyone to wear a mask.

Social Distancing

Social distancing also is vital when it comes to the spreading of coronavirus. Keeping a social distance of at least six feet apart from your neighbor, washing your hands, and wearing a mask are preventive measures everyone should practice every day. People should not ignore these measures. Physicians are trying to help people understand the need to practice social distancing since when things get worse, the burden will be on their side.

Washing hands Regularly

We touch our faces and rub our eyes every now and then. You need to always keep your hands clean so that you don’t give the virus a chance to get to your body. This is a simple and very effective preventive measure and not rocket science. The virus are on our hands, you have the control of the virus just right there on your hands. You have the power to wash the virus out of your hands preventing it from entering the body.

Limiting the exposure

Some patients are assumed to have minimal symptoms of the virus or might have no symptoms at all. To slow the spread we need to limit our exposure to vulnerable people who might be at a higher risk to be infected and we end up losing them. By slowing the spread, not everyone will go to the hospital making it easy to take care of those who are in emergency need of health care.

Getting tested at the right time

Testing is the only easiest way to slow the virus. Unfortunately, there are limited testing resources. The general public should be aware of this and seek the testing of the virus when they are in need of medical care or when they are demonstrating the symptoms of the virus, or maybe when they know they have come into contact with a person who is infected.

Help in contact-tracing efforts

This is another method that is helps testing those who are exposed. If you are diagnosed with the virus it advisable you give all the contacts of people you have come into close contact with. Note privacy is observed when sharing these contacts.

Protect your children

Children with the virus are considered to be often asymptomatic. They can spread the virus easily to others if they are not protected. Make sure your children are adhering to the COVID-19 measures guidelines. Also, prevent children from clinging together.

Take the chance of the Flu Vaccine

The flu seasons are considered to hit hard. Medical practitioners are fearing there might be two threats that is this pandemic and the severe flu which might also disrupt the many hospitals. Doctors are advising people to get vaccinated whenever they get that chance.

Remember a temperature check is not a great measure of the infection. Observing the measures is the best proof you will not get the virus. Always stay updated with the virus trend so that you can plan yourself.

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